What is the enrollment process?

This information applies to students attending Bethlehem, Holy Cross, St. Joseph,  and Bishop James Mahoney high schools.

Students who wish to enroll in drivers education need to apply to the program by filling out the applicaiton form on this web page. It is important that you enter your informaiton correctly to avoid delays in being able to partipate in the class. It is best to get your registration in as early as possible.

If you have difficulty submitting the online form, please submit the same information by e-mail to administration@klassendrivingschool.com or call the office at 306-382-2742. 

Students are invited to particpate in courses based on date of birth. Invitations will be e-mailed out to the oldest students that are enrolled at the time that invitaitons are issued (which occurs several weeks before the class). Late registrations may not be processed until the following class. Using an e-mail that you check frequently will ensure that invitations are not missed. 

Students from E.D. Feehan will need to fill out a paper applicaiton form which can be obtained from and returned to the school office. Students will be notified through the office when they are invited to a class. 

Phone invitations only occur a few days before a start of a class, when there are a few spots left to fill. 

Student need to obtian a SGI customer number before returning their invitation for a class. The student can obtain one at no cost from any SGI issurer by presenting a birth certificate or passport and a health card or other acceptable goverment identification. If there will be a delay in obtaining a customer number for any reason, please contact the Klassen Driving School office. 

What age does a student have to be in order to enroll in the high school program?

Students should fill out the registration form as soon as they start highschool. 

Students are typically invited to attend the high school education course at some point following their 15th birthday.  There are times when enrollment in a particular class is low and a student that is 14 years and 9 months or older may be invited to participate in the class; they would have to wait until they turn 15 before they could get their learners license and complete the in car portion of the class.

What does a student need to do before the class begins?

When the student receives an invitation to a class they will be required to get an SGI customer number. To get a customer number the student will need:

  1. A current e-mail address. If there is not a computer in the home the student can set up an e-mail account at school.

  2. Go to any SGI issuer and obtain a customer number. The student will need 2 pieces of ID (Primary ID: Birth certificate, passport, or immigration documents; Secondary ID: any accepted government issued ID such as a Saskatchewan Health card).

            Please note you do not require photo ID. It is recommended that  the student waits until they validate  their learner’s license (class 7) to obtain the photo ID as this will save an additional processing fee.

  1. After the student has obtained a customer number they need to sign up for a MY SGI account. This must be completed in order for students to be eligible to take the exams required to obtain their learners license.

Note: It is important to choose a user name and password that will be remembered, or have a record of it on the exam day.

If you have any questions about this process please contact SGI at 1-800-667-9868

Once that customer number has been obtained, record it on the driver education invitation, and return it by e-mail. E.D. Feehan students will return paper invitations to their school office. 

What does the student need to bring to class?

It is recommended that the student bring a highlighter, and a black or blue pen to class.

If class is running over the lunch hour, students can bring their lunch with them.


When are the driver education classes held?

There are 30 hours of in-class instruction for the high school program.

After school classes are held Monday through Thursdays for two hours each day.

Lunch hour classes are held Monday through Friday over the lunch break each day.

The exact dates and times for the classes will be indicated on the class invitation. Classes are held on shortened school days after school finishes. There are no classes held on statutory holidays and when the school is closed.


What happens if the student is invited to a class and cannot participate at that time?

Please return the invitation form indicating that the student is not interested in the current class. The student will automatically be invited to the next class.

If the invitation is not returned, no further invitations will be issued and the student’s name will be removed from the list. If this happens and the student still wishes to enroll in driver education classes they will need to complete another application form or contact the Klassen Driving School office at 306-382-2742. 


What is the cost?

There is no direct cost for the high school driver education course. Students will be responsible for covering the cost of validating their learner’s license.


How does a student know that they are scheduled for an in-car driving lesson?

  1. A schedule will be posted on the driver education bulletin board in their school. The location of the bulletin board is shared with the students during their in-class lessons. The school office staff can also direct students to the driving schedule. 

  2. Drive schedules are also available on this web site. Username and passwords are issued to student when they begin in class lessons.

  3. Schedules are typically posted at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Occasionally driving instructors will call the home looking for students to fill their schedule or to reschedule drive.


What does a student need to do to prepare for an in-car lesson?

  1. The student must be dressed appropriately for attendance at school and for the weather.

  2. Student must have a valid learners license (class 7) on their person.

  3. Students must have any additional items required on their license to legally drive a car (for example: glasses or contacts).

  4. Meet their instructor at the designated location. If the student is uncertain about the location, they can inquire at the school office.

  5. Students are encouraged to drive with a Qualified Supervising Driver as often as possible in order to reinforce the skills and concepts taught during in-car instruction.


What should a student do if they are scheduled for an in-car lesson and cannot drive at the time?

If a student cannot drive at their scheduled time they need to inform their instructor as soon as possible with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Instructors can be contacted in person at the school, at the school office, or via the instructor phone number posted on the driving schedule at the school.

If the student is ill and a parent or guardian is phoning to clear the student for regular classes they also need to indicate that the student will also be missing a drive so that the school administrative staff will pass this information on to the driving instructor.


What happens if a student is absent from a scheduled in-car lesson and 24 hours notification are not provided?

When a student does not report for a scheduled drive, a letter will be sent to the home indicating that the student has missed a drive and that a no-show fee of $40 will need be paid for the first missed drive or $80 for any subsequent missed drives. This fee needs to be paid before the student will be scheduled for the remaining in-car lessons.

Instructions for paying the no-show fee are outlined on the letter.

Any questions about no-show letters and fees can be directed to the Klassen Driving School office at:


Phone: 306-382-2742


Will the student be scheduled to drive on weekends or school holidays?

Some instructors will choose to schedule drives on weekends and school holidays. These drives are scheduled by the instructor calling the home or with the student at the school. If the student is not available or is not interested in driving on a weekend or holiday they will be scheduled to drive in the next available spot on the school schedule.

Pick up and drop off locations for drives scheduled on weekends and school holidays, will be arranged by the instructor when the drive is booked.


Are there options to complete driver education outside of the regular school year?

Summer classes are offered at most of the high schools (this is dependent on student numbers). Summer classes run for seven days for 4 hours and 20 min per day. Typically one class is run at the end of June just after final exams and another in August just before regular classes resume.

All leaners must complete a driver education course in order to be eligible to take a class 5 road test. Students that are 15 years of age must complete the high school driver education program. Students that are 16 years of age or older may choose to complete their drivers education commercially with the 6 & 6 Program. The 6 & 6 Program consists of 6 hours of in-class and 6 hours of in-car instruction. Students who wish to take the 6 & 6 Program must pay to receive instruction from a certified driving instructor. Fees for this program vary from driving school to driving school. Klassen Driving School periodically offers the 6 & 6 Program.

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