SGI regulatisions state that Individuals that are not enrolled in the Highschool Driver Education Program must complete the 6 & 6 Program in order to earn a Driver Education Certificate. A learner driver must have a Driver Education Certificate prior to going for a road test.

Individuals that are 16 years of age or older need to go to SGI and obatin their Learner's Licence (class 7). Once the learner driver has a Learner's Licence they can register for 6&6 Classes. This program consists of six hours of in class instruction and six hours of in car instruction.

For more information on obtaining a Class 7 Licence contact SGI at

Please contact Kyle Harder if you are interested  the 6 & 6 program or extra in-car lessons @ 306-260-2984 (text prefered).


In Class-$150 per student

In Car-$80  per hour per student

For a total $630 for the entire program.*

*If and individual pays for the entire program in advance the price is reduced to $600

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