High School Program

The first step is to have the students register for the driver education program by filliing out the information below.

Once the student is registered for the program they will recieve an invitation, at their school, to join a class based on date of birth. If the studuent is not interested in taking the offered class it is very important that they return the invitation to the school indicating that they are interested in that particular class. If no inviation is returned it is assumed that the student is not interested in the program or no longer attends the school.

When the student receives an invitation to a class, that they wish to attend, they will be required to get an SGI Customer Number and get a MySGI Account. To get a  MySGI Account he student will need:

  1. A current e-mail address. If there is not a computer in the home the student can set up an e-mail account at school.

  2. Go to any SGI issuer and obtain a Customer Number. The student will need 2 pieces of ID (Primary ID: Birth certificate, passport, or immigration documents; Secondary ID: any accepted government issued ID such as a Saskatchewan Health card).

            Please note you do not require photo ID. It is recommended that you wait until you validate your learner’s license (class 7) to obtain the photo ID as this will save you $10.

  1. After the student has obtained a customer number they need to sign up for a MY SGI account. This must be completed in order for students to be eligible to take the exams required to obtain their learners license.

Note: It is important to choose a user name and password that you will remember, or have a record of it on the exam day.

If you have any questions about this process please contact SGI at 1-800-667-9868

Once the Customer Number has been obtained this needs to be recorded on the lower half of the drivers education invitation, it also needs to be signed by the parent or guardian, and returned to the school office by the date written on the invitation.

6 and 6 Program

Contact the the driving school office directly at 306-382-2742. 

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